Thotapalli Barriage and Temple

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Thotapalli Barriage and Temple

During the year 1908, the Thotapalli Barrage was constructed across river Nagavali near Thotapalli village. The regulator was erected to provide assured irrigation to 64,000 acers in Vizianagaram and Srikakulam distircts. The regulator was replaced by the Sardar Gowthu Latchanna project, which was inagurated in 2015. Consequently, an extent of 1,30,000 acres of land in Village as Srikakulam distircts have been irrigated under this project. During excavations for increasing the storage capacity of the barrage an idol of Lord Venkateswara found. A temple was consruced an is now popular as the Chinna Tirupati Temple.

It is at a distance of 100 KM from Vizianagaram Town and 20 KM from Parvathipuram Town


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