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The District Backward Classes Service Cooperative Society in Vizianagaram District was established in 1979. The Dist. BC Service Coop.Society is working duly affiliating to Andhra Pradesh Backward Classes Cooperative Finance Corporation Limited, Vijayawada.
The Executive Director to coordinate with Line Departments in implementing schemes under Convergence to achieve 100% targets as per guidelines for implementation of the schemes under B.C., Kapu, EBC, Vysya, MBC and BC Federations Action Plan.


The main objectives of the Society is:

    To provide financial assistance for creation of income generating assets.
    To provide financial assistance to artisans for improving their livelihood activities.

Background of the Backward Classes in Rural and Semi-urban areas

A vast majority of the BC families takeout their livelihood from Agriculture and mostly as Agriculture laborers. They used to have selected allied sectors of dairy, sheep and poultry/backyard poultry for their livelihood. Most of the B.Cs have migrated to urban areas for finding jobs as construction labor in tertiary sector.

The role of B.C.Society at suffix level

For implementation of schemes, the Dist.BCS.C. Society has also to mobilize District level resources in terms of loan from Banks along with the Society Subsidy and ensure extension of assistances to poor and backward families as per statutory provisions at micro level under Convergence.

The Dist.BC.SC.Society function and implement the schemes as per guidelines and policies formulated by APBCCFC(L), Hyderabad

Finance Resources

The B.C.Corporation has been implements various economic support schemes utilizing subsidy and matching Banking assistance from the banks concerned.

Role of B.C.Corporation

Government of Andhra Pradesh took a policy decision and new inclusion policy that the Welfare Corporation should not be lending agencies and it should be act as facilitators by giving 50% or Rs.1,00,000/- whichever is less as subsidy on the unit cost and it is back-end subsidy from 2016-17.

Policy initiatives

B.C. Corporation has taken up for implementation of Action Plan through Convergence with Line Departments at micro level to effectively extend assistance to more number of BCs,
Kapus, EBCs, Vysyas, MBCs and BC Federations beneficiaries.

The BC Corporation has implementing certain schemes exclusively for women empowerment. 33 1/3% of the Schemes are implements for women and 3% of schemes implemented for physically challenged.

BC Corporation is implements Economic Support Schemes by transferring assistance to be provided to the bank amount of the beneficiaries for transpiring and to avoid interference of middlemen.

The identification of beneficiaries will be done at Grama sabhas/Ward sabhas by the selection-cum-screening committee to bring in transparency in the selection process.

Released BC Prisoners are provided rehabilitation through BC Society with a view to avoid them from repeating such crimes and help to lead a normal life in main stream of Society.

Vulnerable Groups like Victims of H.I.V./AIDS, Widows dissidents etc are given the preference for rehabilitation.

Bank linked Schemes

The B.C. educated un-employed youth and skilled laborers, artisans in the age of 21 to 50 years will be given financial assistance through institutional finance with 50% subsidy as matching grant of BCA allowed Rs.1,00,000/- on the unit cost of whichever is less, balance being Bank loan.

The schemes are to be identified on the basis of market feasibility, viability and market linkages.


Dealing Section Schemes Details
    Self employment schemes to BCs, Kapus, EBCs, Vysyas and MBCs –Covers all the sectors like Minor Irrigation, Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Sericulture, Fisheries, Transport, and Industries, Service and Small Business.Individual units will be provided financial assistance (Subsidy Rs.1,00,000/-) with 50% Bank linkage to improve their financial status by establishing livelihood activities.
    Non-bank linked scheme to MBC beneficiaries @ Rs.30000/- to each with subsidy of Rs.27000/- and remaining Rs.3000/- is beneficiary contribution.
    Construction of Dhobighats – Dhobighats will be constructed with an estimated cost of Rs. 10.00 Lakhs wherever necessary for the welfare of Rajakas.
    Meetings, Stationery, Printing and others.
    Financial Assistance Scheme – The community based societies consisting of 11 to 15 members of Washermen, Nayee Brahmins, Vadderas, Krishna Balija/Poosala, Valmiki/Boya, Uppara/Sagara, Bhatraja, Kummari / Salivahana, Medara and Viswa Brahmin communities will be provided economic assistance of Rs.15,00,000/- with Bank loan of Rs. 15,00,000/- through the respective Federations to establish their livelihood activities.
    Establishment and Accounts
Tappal Section
    Computerization, Tappals and Dispatch

Important Contacts

Officer Name Designation Mobile Number
Smt. R.V. Nagarani Executive Director 9849906005
Sri. K. Prakasa Rao Assistant Executive Officer 9110561466

Right to Information

Officer Name Designation Mobile Number
Smt. R.V. Nagarani Appelate Authority,Executive Director, DBCSCS Ltd., Vizianagaram. 9849906005
Sri. K. Prakasa Rao Public Information Officer, AEO, DBCSCS Ltd., Vizianagaram. 9110561466
Sri. G. Satyanarayana APIO, Senior Assistant,DBCSCS Ltd., Vizianagaram 9440966575

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