District Educational Office

The department focuses on primary and secondary education and arranges to train teachers and this department have whole responsible for implementation of Government reforms in School Education in the society, for giving impart education to the children of 5 to 14 age group for their development in education and motivate their views and thinks in elementary to Secondary education levels . And various steps for taken to better education to the children under various schemes introduced by the Government like RVM (SSA), RMSA, MODEL SCHOOLS ,MDM and technical support in Digital Class Rooms from time to time for giving better Education to Elementary to Secondary Education level children.

The objectives of the Department of School Education are:

  • Provide access to primary education for all children in the age group of 5-15 years
  • Ensure the enrollment of children in schools
  • Ensure that the children do not discontinue primary education
  • Maintain quality standards in education.
  • Provide mid-day meals to children in primary ,upper primary and High schools that fall under the government, local bodies and aided managements
  • Provide free text books to children of classes I to V studying in the schools under the government, local bodies and aided managements
  • Provide free text books to all the children of classes I to X studying in the schools under the government, local bodies and aided managements
  • Provide training to the teachers to help them upgrade their knowledge and skills,thereby ensure quality in teaching
  • Strengthen and maintain standards of Pre-service Teacher Education
  • Programmes to ensure quality education
  • Ensure community participation in strengthening the school education system.

Role and Functionality of Department

  • The Primary function of the Department of Education is to establish policy for administration and coordinate most federal assistance to education.
  • Responsible for education including providing information, resources and technical support or assistance on educational matters to schools.
  • Education assists the executing education policies for the nation and implementing laws.
  • Implementation of RTE act in the district for all children.
  • Providing free and compulsory education to all the children in the district in the age group of 6 to 14 years.
  • Monitoring of all educational activities in the district.
  • Monitoring recruiting of teachers at district level.
  • Importing quality education to all the children.
  • Encouraging children for all-round development.
  • It provides free text books, uniforms, mid day meals etc.,
  • We transmit the values and knowledge to the students. We mould their behavior in the ways of adulthood and direct them towards their eventual role in the society.
  • Provides access to school education to all the school aged children.
  • Enrolls all school age children in school and ensures quality education.
  • Retains all the school aged children in the schools.
  • Develops life-skills among children.
  • Ensures community participation in strengthening school system.
  • Provides NT books, uniforms to all the enrolled from 1 to 10 class.

Schemes/Activities/Action Plan

Mid Day Meal :

  • Providing Mid Day Meal to all students from Class -1 to 10.
  • Quality of Mid Day Meal is monitored regularly by Concerned
  • To improve good health to the students.
  • Implementing Mid Day Meals scheme hygienic and successful way. Taking care of the students in government schools by providing a nutritious lunch during the school working days.
  • It helps to reduce dropout rate in Government Schools.


  • Rastreeya Madhyamika Shiksha Abhiyan : It is established to provide facilities to High Schools (especially for 9th and 10th classes) Secondary Education.
  • Quality of education at secondary level is improved under this scheme. Many barriers like gender, socio-economic and disability are removed
  • To enhance quality of secondary education and increase the total enrollment rate.
  • The implementation of the scheme has started from 2009-10 to provide conditions for an efficient growth development and equity for all.
  • Providing classes for self defense for girls.
  • Providing training for teachers to improve their professional efficiency.
  • Providing additional class rooms from RMSA for laboratory, library etc., for High School sections.

Badikosta :

  • Free bicycles scheme for girl students who are studying in Schools.
  • In this scheme bicycles are given to 8th class and 9th class girl students.
  • It is meant for prevention of dropouts of girls in schools.
  • To increase the retention rate of girl students in schools..

Digital Class Rooms :

  • Digital equity in education means that all students have access to learning resources in an easier and less expensive way using digital platform as compared to the traditional methods.
  • The Digital Classrooms is a teacher led educational content solution that intensely improves the learning outcomes of the students. The program supplements the delivery of class specific curriculum in both English and Telugu medium offline and online to make the learning experience in classrooms exciting, meaningful and enjoyable. It also focuses on providing Digital Content from leading service providers.
  • Digital Class Rooms are established with the support of Community, NRIs, other donors along with Government Funds.
  • The District Collector played an active and inspiring role in establishing of Digital Class Rooms in Krishna District.

Virtual Class Rooms :

  • Virtual Class Room teaching is the most important and efficient way to reduce distant barrier in education.
  • Virtual Class Room teaching eliminates the limitation of time and location.
  • It facilitate the instructor and students in teaching learning.
  • It help to clarifying and organize prioritizing learning.
  • Virtual Class Room teaching enables the students can interact, communicate, view and discuss presentation and engage with learning resources.
  • It is an online teaching which facilitates in greater number of students with one teacher.






School Education