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In order to strengthen the Secondary Level HealthCare system, the Government of Andhra Pradesh, brought in legislation for establishment of Andhra Pradesh Vaidya Vidhana Parishad (APVVP) with effect from 01-11-1986 enacting an act No.29 of 1986, by restructuring the existing Government Health Organization, separating the curative and preventive aspects so that greater emphasis could be given for intensive development of both these areas and to strengthen linkage at appropriate levels for attainment of the following objectives.


  • To formulate and implement the schemes for the Comprehensive development of the secondary level hospitals and dispensaries brought under its administrative control.
  • To construct and maintain dispensaries and non-teaching hospitals under its control.
    Purchase, maintain and allocate quality equipments to various dispensaries, and hospitals under its care.
  • To procure stock and distribute drugs, diet, linen and other consumbles among the dispensaries and the hospitals under its control.
  • To provide services of the Specialists and Super Specialist services in various hospitals under its control.
  • To receive donations, funds, and the like from General Public and institutions both from within and outside india.
  • To receive grants, or contributions, which may be made by the government on such conditions they may impose.
  • To provide constructions of houses to the employees of the dispensaries and hospitals and the maintenance thereof by mobilizing resources from financing institutions.
  • To plan construct and maintain commercial complexes, paying wards and providing diagnostic services and treatment on payment basis and utilize the receipts for the improvement of hospitals and dispensaries.
  • To runs public utility services and any other activity commercial nature within the hospital premises.

The Establishment of A.P. Vaidya Vidhana Parishad is an unique step of the Government of Andhra Pradesh to be emulated by the other states in india.

The Act provides and operational autonomy in the hands of medical professionals and increased scope of management development in the hospitals.

The following APVVP Hospital under the control of District Coordinator of Hospital Services (DCHS), Vizianagaram.

  1. District Hospital, Vizianagaram
  2. MCH Hospital, Vizianagaram
  3. Area Hospital, Parvathipuram
  4. Community Health Centre, S.Kota
  5. Community Health Centre, Gajapathinagaram
  6. Community Health Centre, Badangi
  7. Community Health Centre, Bhogapuram
  8. Community Health Centre, Nellimarla
  9. Community Health Centre, Cheepurupalli
  10. Community Health Centre, Salur
  11. Community Health Centre, Bobbili
  12. Community Health Centre, Kurupam
  13. Community Health Centre, Bhadragiri
  14. Community Health Centre, Chinamerangi

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