Flairs and Festivals

Sirimanu Utsav /Pydithallamma Jatara:

paidithalli ammavaru

Story About Goddess:

It was during 1737, when Peda Vijayaramaraju was busy in Bobbili battle, second Anand has taken the charge of crown and died in the year 1760. The wifes also died along with him in sati sahagamanam. Then wife of Peda Vijayaramaraju Rani Chandrayamma has adopted Vijayaramaraju who belongs to Vizianagaram dyansty as per history. If we go through the history of 104 temples constructed by Vizianagar Sanstan some history of those temples can be known by virtue of their location. But there is no specific history about the Sri Pydithalli Ammavaru temple constructed by this sanstan. But as per rumours or by some stories it is seen that Pydithalli Ammavaru is Grama Devata of Vizianagaram. Some say that this Ammavaru is sister of Maharanis of Vizianagaram. But there are many evidences that Pydithalli Ammvaru belongs to Vizianagaram dynasty. Eventhough there are no perfect proofs regarding birth and other details of Pydimamba, as per the peoples saying, after completion of Bobbili battle after Vijayadasimi on the next tuesday and idol was found in the west side of Pedda Charuvu of Vizianagaram. It is known “Pyidimamaba” village goddess of Vizianagaram. It was in 1750 when French leader Bussy was staying with entire battalion near Hyderabad. Many soldiers have died due to some disease (Masuchi). He was running with financial crisis.

Vanam Gudi:

Vijyaramaraju of Vizianagaram helped him to overcome financial crisis and rebuild his battalion. In 1756 Bussy visited Rajahamundy. It is heard that Vijayaramaraju has given a warm welcome to Bussy by going in front at Rajahmundy. At that time Bobbili Maharajas were ruling with full power. There are some differences between Bobbili Maharajas and Vizianagaram Rajas regarding power. Because of those differences and some reasons Bobbili battle started in January 23rd 1757. During the battle entire Bobbili fort got destroyed and many Bobbili soldiers died in the battle. The wife of Vijayaramaraju and Sister Sri. Pydimamba tried to stop the battle by hearing the news and were not succeeded. By that time only Sri Pydimamba sister of Vijayaramaraju was suffering from Masuchi disease. While she was in the puja of Goddess she came to know that Vijayaramaraju is in trouble. She wanted to inform her brother regarding this and tried to convey the message through Vizianagaram soldiers, but every one was in the battle. She started with Patiwada Appalanaidu to convey the message in a horse cart. But, by that time only in the middle she got the news that Vijayaramaraju died in the hands of TandrapapaRayudu. She felt unconscious. Patiwada Applanaidu sprinkled water over her face and she came to conscious stage and told Appalanaidu that she will not live more. She is getting mixed with Goddess. Her statue will be found at west side of Pedda Charuvu. It is known that incident took place in the place where now Railway station opposite temple is constructed.

Sirimanu Utsav :

Every year on the first Tuesday passing Vijayadasami Sirimanu Utsav is being celebrated. Sirimanu means a big tree. It is known that before 15 days of Sirimanu Utsav goddess Pydimamba will come in the dream of temple Pujari and tell him where the Sirimanu for this year is located. Pujari will go in search of sirimanu and will cut the sirimanu with performing puja etc.


That sirimanu can be located any where. The owner must agree to cut his tree for Utsav. That tree will be shaped neatly in to Sirimanu and will be placed over the chariot. This sirimanu will be brought to 3 Lanters junction around 2 PM in the afternoon. At around temple Pujari will make darshan of Goddess and will sit on the Sirimanu chariot. This sirimanu will move 3 times to Vizianagaram fort and temple between 3 PM to 4 PM. The Vizianagaram rajahs will sit on the top of the fort and watch the Utsav. Pujari will be given new clothes by Rajas and puja is performed. In front of Srimanu there will be a chariot in the shape of White elephant.

Importance of White Elephant:

Many people does not know about the white elephant moving in front of Sirimanu chariot. But in the olden days Maharajas used to sit on this white elephant and participate in Sirimanu Utsav. Now as per the present situation white elephant statue is being moved in front of Sirimanu as a part of tradition.

White Elephant
White Elephant

Importance of Anjali Chariot:

Sri Pydimamba died before getting married. So 5 Married women were made sit on the Anjali chariot which is on the front of Sirimanu as a part of tradition. As 5 married women are sitting on this chariot, this is called Anjali chariot. Secondly along with this sirimanu Paladhara, an umbrella made with fishing nets decorated with flowers and fruits is important.


Importance of Pala Dhara:

As per history when Goddess statue will be found in west side of pedda cheruvu Patiwda Appalanaidu has tried to bring the statue out by calling professional swimmers of Yata Veedhi. They agreed to bring the statue out with out taking money on putting a condition that their people will participate with srimanu utasav with umbrella made of fishing nets. Patiwada Appalanaidu agreed to their condition and made the rajas convinced for allowing them to participate in Sirimanu Utsav.


Exactly before sunset Sirimanu Utsav closes. Not only from nortern parts of Andhra Pradesh, many people from Orissa, Madhya pradesh will come to see this Utsav. After completion of Utsav near 3 lanters junction at Vizianagaram thousands of people will make darshan of sirimanu. Farmers will take a small part of branch and keep it near plough at their house to have a good crop in the coming year.

 Sambara Jatara:

This flair is celebrated every year at Sambara Village of Makkuva Mandal, Vizianagaram Disrtict.Every Year on the preceding tuesday of Pongal/Sankrati festival Polamamba is brought to village. Since polamaba is born is samabara village all the villagers will be treating polamaba as daugther of village. As there is a tradition that every girl will come to their parents house for sankranti festival, polamamba is brought to village during that time. Till next tuesday from the bringing pujas will be performed in tmeple and devotees will be taking darshan of Godess. on next tuesday i.e third tuesday sirimanotsavam will be performed and many people from uttarandhra as well as from Odisha, Chattisgarh and Maharashtra will take part in the fetival. District Administration will make necessary arrangments for the festival in advance.

sambara jataraSambara Polamamba