How to lodge a Grievance?

People are being forced to come out of the original villages and expend to the authorities on their issues. It is currently 7 days to 10 days waste to send the petitioner to the officer who has to settle the petition. It takes 3 months to 6 months to settle the required arrangements. The petitioners are repeatedly around government offices.

To change this process, which is the problem in which the authorities are aware of and address public issues, The chief minister has given special attention to the software to create this software. With this software, people’s problems will be solved timely and will be responsible for government officials on public issues.

For the first time in state officers from state level to gross root level are streamlined and grievances are redressed online using portal called “Meekosam”. Grievances received from public are send to the concerned authority.Getting SMS and knowing the status of the petition is the special feature of this web site. It is developed in native language Telugu.

  • Any day the petition is accepted by the State / District / Mandate level and the Official Certificate to the Arbitrator will be sent to the Officer.
  • After the application of the petition, the petition is then scanned and sent to the officer to be settled by online.
  • Time limit for each problem solving to redress the petition.
  • Citizen Online can log in through the Portal for you and send it to the Author himself. The Government of Andhra Pradesh has been implementing this for the first time.
  • If the deadline is not resolved by a specified officer within a specified period, the petition will be immediately sent to the top executive.
  • The petitioner can call the caller toll free number 1100 / 1800-425-4440 on the application of the petition to the petition of the petition, which means that the officers have taken action on his petition.

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