Bobbili Fort

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The founder of House of Bobbili, Pedda Rayudu, was the 15th descendant of the Rajas of Venkatagiri. He came into the area as part of the contingent of Golconda Fauzdar Sher (Tiger) Mohammad Khan. He founded the town, built a fort, and named it Pedda Puli (Great Tiger) after the name of his patron. With the passage of time, the name was corrupted to Pebbuli, Bebbuli and finally Bobbili. The town was almost wiped out during the war against Vizianagaram, which ended in the tragic massacre. Though no remnants exist of the original Bobbili fort, there are numerous palaces which serve as residence for the royal family. The Durbar Mahal was built in 1893 as a meeting hall where the Raja held his court and received royal emissaries. Two stone elephants stand guard on either side of the steps leading to the ‘Durbar’. Today, the first floor houses a museum of various artifacts pertaining to the Bobbili of yore, while the lower floor is used as the office.

It is 60 KM away from Vizianagaram Town.

Bobbili Fort