Bobbili War Memorial at Bobbili

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The Bobbili-Vizianagaram battle of January 24, 1757 was a notable event as both warring sides paid a heavy price. As a consequence of this battle, the original Bobbili Fort and the whole town was almost wiped out. The
Raja of Vizianagaram, Pedda Vijayarama Raju was assassinated. Aided by the French troops under the Marquis de Bussy, the Vizianagaram army massacred the Bobbili forces. The Queen of Bobbili, Mallamma Devi, along with Bobbili women tragically opted for martyrdom rather than capture. Seeking retribution, Tandra Paparayudu, the General of Bobbili sneaked
into the tent of Vijayarama Raju in the dead of the night and assassinated the King before committing suicide. Till date, the Bobbili warriors and women are hailed for their courage and sacrifice.
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Bobbili War Memorial