Mannar Rajagopal Swamy Temple in Vizianagaram Town

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Mannar Rajagopal Swamy Temple

Believed to be over 800 years old , the Sri Mannar Rajagopala Swamy Temple, locally referred to as the Santhaana Gopala Swamy, Kotha Kovela, or Venugopala Swamy Temple is said to be built under the guidance of Sri Bhagavath Ramanujacharya (1017-1137AD). It is very popular amongst those seeking to get their wishes fulfilled. The annual Kalyanotsavam of the presiding deity is a five-day festival. This is also the only temple in the region where rituals are performed under Pancha Raatra Agama, a Vaishnava tradition.
It is hardly 2 KM away from Vizianagaram Railway Station

Raja Mannar Temple

Rajagopal Swamy Temple