Pydithalli Temple

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Pydithalli Ammavari Temple

The presiding deity is Pydithalli Ammavaru in the temple. This is ancient temple in Vizianagaram. Sirimanu or Srimanthotsavam is the main festival celebrated in September or October in every year. Around 2-3 lakh pilgrims will gather from all surrounding towns and villages.
Sri Pydithalli Ammavari temple is in Vizianagaram and was built in 18th century, puranas says, the goddess Pydimamba who belonged to the Gajapati dynasty and she was the sister of king Vijaya Rama Raju. In 1756, the Vizianagaram king faced continuos battle with bobbili king. Then the French army general helped Vijayaramaraju to attack Bobbili on 23rd January 1757.

In this Bobbili Battle, the Bobbili fort was almost demolished and many Bobbili soldiers were killed in the battle. The ramaraju’s wife and Pydimamba (King’s sister) were suffering from masuchi disease, tried to convince king Vijaya Rama Raju to keep away from war. At that time, Pydimamba was conducting a pooja and she came to know that his brother is in trouble. Tandra Papa Rayudu kills king Vijaya Rama Raju in this battle. By knowing this news, Pydimamba faints and she tells that she cannot live anymore and then she died. After that she sends a message to Patiwada Appala Naidu (soldier) in a dream she told that to search her statue from West side of a lake and then she told to built a temple on that particular place. So, the temples is constructed near Pedda Cheruvu(lake).

Sirimanu Utsav is being celebrated on the Next Tuesday after Dushera Festival. It is famous festival in Northen Andhra.

Temple Timings
The Temple is open for pilgrims from 6:00 AM to 1:00 PM and 1.30 PM to 8.30 PM.
How to Reach
You can reach the Temple by Air from Visakhapatnam Airport, Road from Visakhapatnam,Srikakulam etc, By any train going towards Bhubaneswar or from Bhubaneswar which halts at Vizianagaram Junction

Pydithalli Temple

Pydithalli Temple