Andhra Pradesh Non-Resident Telugu Society

AP Andhra Pradesh Non-Resident Telugu Society
4th Floor, Infosight Building, NH-16 Service Road
Near Pathur Road Junction, Tadepalli
Guntur (Dt.) Andhra Pradesh – 522501

Andhra Pradesh Non-Resident Telugu Society (APNRT Society), a fully-owned entity of the State Government of Andhra Pradesh, India is established in 2016 and caters to the welfare, safety, service, development and association of settled as well as returning Telugu migrants from Andhra Pradesh spread across various countries. With Hon’ble Chief Minister as the Governing Body Chairman of the Society, APNRTS works under the Principal Secretary (POLL.C), General Administration Department, GoAP.

APNRTS is Government of Andhra Pradesh’s Nodal Agency and is the single point of contact for all matters related to NRIs and migrant workers from Andhra Pradesh as well as their needs and requests. APNRTS offers various free services to the migrant workers and their dependent family members on behalf of the state Government. Services offered by APNRTS are:

APNRTS 24/7 Helpline:  Helpline is the face of APNRTS that is available 24/7 365 days. APNRTS Helpline attends to the services related requests of the NRTs/migrants, resolving their grievances in coordination with Indian Embassies and other Govt. departments, advising and giving suggestions, necessary counselling as and when required. APNRTS 24/7 Helpline is the single point of contact for any initiative or activity launched by Government for NRTs. Updates about the grievance/s will be shared with the concerned NRTs in a timely manner.

MRC Grievance Cell: MRC Cell receives various grievances from the distressed NRT migrants or from their family members. Based on the need of the request, a letter is written to the Embassy/Mission of the residing country to know the current situation and try for resolution of the grievance. Some of the MRC grievances include Victim of Physical/Sexual abuse, assistance towards Claiming of compensation and other benefits due from employers, register a complaint on illegal agents, assistance towards the transfer of documents in case of death, worker rights violation:  Non receipt of salaries, Recruiting Agent Problems, Sponsor/ Employer problems /Worker rights violation/ Worker contract problems, tracing whereabouts, Human Trafficking, Imprisoned abroad, Held in detention centers, undocumented workers. 750+ grievances have been resolved by the MRC Cell. Other services of APNRTS include Ambulance Services, Ex-Gratia, Pravasandhra Bharosa Bima (APNRT Insurance), Amnesty, Emergency Repatriation, Transportation of Mortal Remains, Safe Migration Awareness, Pre Departure Orientation (PDOT) etc. under Migrant Resource Centre (MRC).

AP Police NRI Grievance Cell: This cell is established in association with the Police Department and caters to the grievances of the NRIs where Police/Legal intervention is required. This cell is located at DGP Headquarters and works under the guidance of Addl. DGP, CID. Types of grievances dealt by this cell include Civil & Marital Disputes, issues like visa, immigration, exploitation, money, protection of family members in India, protection of industry/office etc. 600+ grievances have been resolved by AP Police NRI Cell. All the grievances will be resolved following the procedures as per law. APNRTS launched NRI Grievance Cell to instill confidence among NRIs/Foreign/Domestic Investors about speedy redressal of their grievances. Website:; Email:

Upskilling the potential & returning migrants, Online IT Trainings in advanced IT courses and Recruitment for overseas employment under Migrant Economic Reintegration Centre (MERC); facilitating NRT investors to set up MSMEs or offshore operations in any segment as per AP IT & Industry Policies under Investments Wing, Vidya Vahini-counselling services for students wishing to pursue overseas education; Temple Travel, Sacred Coins, Procedural Guidance, Passport/OCI/PAN/Aadhaar Card application guidance, Lost Documents, etc. under General Services Wing; in addition, APNRTS Trust-Connect to Andhra for involving NRTs towards development of Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Community Infrastructure etc. in their villages or towns are also part of service offerings to Telugu diaspora from GoAP through APNRTS.

APNRTS has taken initiative and organized Six (06) comprehensive Safe Migration Awareness Campaigns, Pre Departure Orientation Programs (PDOT) that are effective and result oriented in safe guarding potential migrants especially women from being exploited in villages and Mandals of YSR, East & West Godavari and Srikakulam districts where there is high rate of migration. Educated the outgoing migrants, local Govt. officials, Village/Ward Secretariats staff, Volunteers, Women police on benefits of safe migration and possible consequences of illegal migration. This is an ongoing process and Awareness campaigns will be conducted in villages and mandals of other districts as well where there is higher migrants’ movement.

APNRTS established a working framework & mechanism with the Protector of Emigrants (PoE), Indian Missions & Embassies abroad, Ministry of External Affairs, International Labour Organization, Regional Passport Office, Telugu Associations worldwide, Service based Organizations etc. to serve, help and address the needs of migrants in quickest way possible.

In this regard, it is requested to circulate the information about the services of APNRTS to NRTs and migrants to all the offices, police stations in the district and publicize APNRTS 24/7 Helpline number in whichever way possible. Also, further requested to send any grievances/requests lodged by NRTs/migrants to our notice for resolution.

APNRTS Contact Details:

24/7 Helpline: 0863 – 2340678; 85000 27678 (W)

AP NRI Police Cell:
Phone: 9440700830

APNRTS Social Media Links:

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Thanks & Regards
Smt.A.Suryakumari, IAS
Collector & District Magistrate