ITDA Schemes



  1. Rural Crops Development Scheme: Supply of sugarcane, groundnut and cotton seeds to small scale farmers on subsidy.
  2. Providing various machines for subsidizing farming for farm mechanization under the R.K.V.Y. scheme.
  3. Under the National Food Security Scheme Mini Seeds Kits are provided for Paddy, Pulses crops, Crop exhibitions arranged and training also given to increase the yield.

Animal Husbandry


ITDA AnimalHusbandry

  1. Chief Minister Pashu Kranti Scheme: Under this scheme twenty cattle will be provided with unit value Rs.60,000/- per beneficiary with  50% subsidy.
  2. Chief Minister’s Livelihood scheme: Nellore bread ram will be provided with unit value Rs.3000/- with 50% subsidy for each beneficiary.
  3. 20 lamb children will be provided with a unit value of Rs. 28,000 / – per beneficiary of 50% subsidy on each beneficiary.



ITDA Fisheries

  1. Distribution of equipment for the welfare of tribal fisherman, vending units, mopeds community halls with 90% subsidy.
  2. Through R.K.V.Y scheme Mopeds, luggage autos, and ice boxes are supplied with 90% subsidy.
  3. Boats, nets and bicycles are supplied with 90% subsidy for Tribal fisherman residing in Reserve area.



ITDA Horticulture

  1. Fruit Harvesting Scheme: Mango and Cashew Plantation Scheme on 100% subsidy.Distribution of fertilizers and other equipment on 50% subsidy for mango and cashew farmers.
  2. Delivery of power tillers and power sprayers on a 50% subsidy by mechanization in Agriculture.
  3. Supply of 75% subsidy on oil palm development and 50% subsidy on fertilizer subsidy.Productivity of vegetable seed on 50% subsidy.

Andhra Pradesh Micro Irrigation Scheme: 

  1. Drip irrigation: For all horticultural crops and fruit gardens this scheme is distributed with 90% subsidy with a 10% beneficiary share. And Full subsidy (50,000 per family limit) for SC,ST community.
  2. Drying Cultivation: This program is aimed at cultivating Pulses through low water use. Above subsidy is applicable to this scheme also.




Government of Andhra Pradesh has introduced a new scheme “NTR VIDYONNATHI” for providing professional guidance and training for Civil Services Examinations to be conducted by UPSC for Prelims-cum-Mains for SC & ST students in the state of Andhra Pradesh by sponsoring selected SC & ST students by the reputed institutes.

Detailed information regarding the scheme, syllabus are available in the website


S.No. Name of the Course Duration Qualification Male/Female
1 Computer Assistant 60 Days 10th Pass Male/Female
2 Solar Technician 90 Days 10th Pass Male/Female
3 Plumbing 90 days 8th Pass or Fail Male
4 Hotel Management 90 days 10th Pass or Fail Male/Female
5 Hardware Technician 90 days 10th Pass Male/Female
6 Retail Chain Course 90 days 10th Pass Male/Female
7 Plastic Engineering Technology 120 days 8th pass Male
8 Welding 90 days 8th Pass or Fails Male
9 Electrician 90 days 8th Pass or Fails Male
10 Sewing Machine Operator 60 days 8th Pass or Fails Female
11 Driving (LMV) 60 days 10th Pass or Fail Male
12 Mobile Technician 60 days 10th Pass or Fail Male



Through Trikar scheme Loans will be sanctioned with ITDA subsidy (not exceeding Rs 30,000).

The choice of beneficiaries will be done by the Gram Sabha.

Units of various branches will be undertaken by respective committees.

Those who once benefited will not be given a chance again.