SC Corporation Schemes

Types of Schemes



  • Bank Linked Schemes
  • Non Bank Linked Schemes
Eligibility Criteria:

Beneficiaries under the economic support schemes shall have the following Criteria:
Age of the beneficiaries must be 21-50 Years
Preference Shall be given to

  • Victims of atrocity
  • Inter Caste married couple (one of them being a SC)
  • Candidates with higher qualification or requisite qualifications required for a skill.
  • Candidates who were trained under any skill improvement programme of the government of Welfare Corporations either in the current year or earlier.
  • Beneficiaries who are availing the economic support schemes for the first time.
  • Only one economic support scheme shall be given per family (as defined in the ration card)
  • Preference shall be given to women beneficiaries so as to cover a minimum of 33 1/3 % of the total target for the district and mandal level.
  • Beneficiaries availing financial support under this scheme for the year 2018-19 shall not be eligible under this scheme for the next five years.

Online Beneficiary Management and Monitoring System(OBMMS)


Online Beneficiary Management and Monitoring System (OBMMS) and e-payment systems are developed for ensuring transparency in

  1. Registration of beneficiaries
  2. According the Sanctions
  3. Release of funds directly into beneficiaries bank accounts
  4. Fixing Accountability on the Officers/Bankers
  5. Elimination of middlemen/duplications
  6. Ensuring Utilisation Certificate from the Bank along with Photograph
  7. Overall Monitoring and Evaluation
  8. Enacting provision for Geo Tagging to confirm the status of the unit.

The OBMMS portal has been substantially redesigned with several new features such as:

  • Bankers login for furnishing information on opening accounts, updating the grounding status of schemes.
  • Geo-tagging
  • Biometric authentication
  • Third party verification
  • Back end Subsidy for all Corporations
  • Recovery module (By TATA Consultancy Services)
Land Purchase Scheme

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Only landless agricultural women labourers of SC households who do not own or possess any land are eligible.

  • In order to select the landless beneficiaries, detailed verification must be done for all applicants in order to verify if any lands are assigned/allotted under the land ceiling act, Tenancy act, Inam abolition act or through the Land Purchase Scheme earlier where land was purchased by them but not yet registered.

  • Only those families whose annual income is less than Rs.98,000/- (Rural) Rs.1,20,000/- (Urban) shall be eligible. Women beneficiaries amongst the BPL, households belonging to poorest of poor (POP) category shall be given priority. While preparing priority list of eligible BPL House Holds (HHs) Loan Eligibility Card (LEC) holders and lease holders are also to be taken into consideration.

  • Only married women shall be identified beneficiaries and Land purchased shall be registered on their names.

    Unit Cost:

    Each identified beneficiary shall be eligible for 3 acres dry land upto 9 lakhs, 2 acres single craft wet land up to 12 lakhs and one acre double crop wet land upto 15 lakhs.

Land Development Scheme

Under land development scheme the activities of clearance of bushes, bundling, land leveling and ploughing etc., where the DWMA could not covered lands will be taken up by S.C.Corporation.


Under the Minor Irrigation scheme the SC Benificires having the Lands and scnction the Borewells for Agriculture purpose.

Skill Development Scheme

  • Wage Employment Programme
  • Self Employment Programme
  • Competitive Exams Coaching
Bank Linked Schemes

Various schemes in the Bank linked for 60% subcidy and 40% bank loan in verious mandals in the District for the following schemes utilized the SC Beneficiaries their lively wood.

Fruit Shop




Grocery Store


Auto Passenger


Animal Husbandry

Non Bank Linked Schemes

The SC Corporation as sanction the Loans Under NSFDC/NSKFDC for Transport Sector to the benifit of SC Beneficiaries.

Etios Car


Innova Car




Law Office


Power Auto


Drain Clean Machine