Social Welfare Schemes

Scheme Description
Hostels There are 19 Post-matric and 18 Pre-matric Hostels are functioning in Vizianagaram District.
Mess Charges Mess charges being provided @ Rs.1000/- Per Month to Hostel boarders studying from Class-III & IV @ Rs.1000/- and V, VI, VII @ Rs.1250/- Per Month to boarders studying from Class VIII to X, DAH Mess charges per Month Rs.1250/-
Cosmetic Charges Cosmetic Charges paid @ Rs. 100 for Boys,
Rs. 110 for Girls upto 3rd to 6th Class and Rs.125 for Boys, Rs.160 (125+35) for Girls up to 7th Class, Rs.125 for Boys, Rs.160 (125+35) for Girls 8th and above.
Post-Matric Scholarships Sanction of Postmatric Scholarships to all eligible SC Students, studying Intermediate and above courses whose parental Income is Rs.2.00 lakhs.
Prematric Scholarships An amount of Rs.100/- per month per Boy (Day Scholars) for 10 months and Rs.150/- per month per Girl (Day Scholars) for 10 months sanctioned to 5th to 8th class students, who are studying in Govt./Aided/Z.P./ Municipal Schools under New Scheme.
An amount of Rs.150/- per month per student for 10 months and Rs.750/- per student per annum for Books sanctioned to 9th & 10th Class students under Rajeev Vidya Deevena. An amount of Rs.4,500/- sanctioned for the students studying 9th and 10th class in Govt.S.W.Hostels also
Admissions in to Corporate Colleges During the year 2019-20 there are 56 SC students who got (07) G.P.A. and above in SSC examinations were admitted in Intermediate in Corporate Junior Colleges in Vizianagaram.
Best Available Schools Scheme 2019-20, 200 students 1st Class students and 5th Class 250 students were admitted in Best Available Schools. Under this scheme, each student is provided upto a maximum of Rs.30,000/- Per annum for Residential and Rs.20,000/- for Non-residential.
Intercaste Marriages This scheme, @ Rs.50,000/- incentive award is being sanctioned to each couple. One must be SC in Inter Caste Married Couple.
Financial assistance to SC Advocates Every year (08) SC Advocates are undergoing training for (03) years at Public Prosecutor/Govt. Pleader. At present (11) SC Advocates are undergoing training. Stipend @ Rs.1000/- per month per trainee, enrollment fee @ Rs.585/- and @ Rs.6000/- towards purchase of books and furniture (onetime payment) have been sanctioned to these SC Advocates.
Free Power Supply to SC House Holds The Government has enhanced the benefit for providing Free Power from 100 Units to 200 Units to SC eligible to House Holds consuming power up to 200 units per month w.e.f., August’ 2019.