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Bobbili Veena

Widely known as the ‘Bobbili Veena’, the traditional ‘Saraswati Veena’ from Bobbili is famed for its fine tune and distinctive notes. These veenas are painstakingly crafted from Jack-wood tree logs in Gollapalli, a town in Bobbili. It takes almost a full month for a log of mute wood to be crafted into a fine musical instrument. Jack-wood is preferred as it is light and the unique grain of the wood renders the quality of swara or tone. Added to that are the elements of thickness and strength, which make this selection important. A single piece of wood is used to create the instrument giving it the name ‘Ekandi Veena’. These Veenas are also remarkable for the exquisite designs etched on the body, making each piece exclusive. With their origin dating back to the Seventeenth Century, these veenas are played in a distinctive style, which also led to the coinage of the ‘Bobbili Veena Sampradayam’. Miniature Veenas are made to scale, using the same materials as the larger instruments, making them great gifting options. Acknowledging the uniqueness of the instrument, the town has been given its own Geographical Indication (GI) tag.

This Veena Manaufacturing is being done in Village Nearly 5 KM from Bobbili Town.


Bobbili Veena